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Tailiang Chemical Chemical Corporation Limited
Our industries range

We offer a comprehensive range of chemicals, oxides and minerals for industrial and commercial applications. These products are in-compliance to the requisite grade and quality depending upon their applications and uses in respective industries.

Bullet Agriculture and Food
Bullet Building and Construction
Bullet Electronics and Entertainment
Bullet Healthcare and Medical
Bullet Household goods and Personal care
Bullet Oil and Gas
Bullet Packaging, Paper and Publishing
Bullet Plastics
Bullet Textile and Garment
Bullet Transportation
Bullet Water and Process solutions
Our products range
  Below is a partial list of commonly stocked items. To see all products, click here  
Acetic Acid Ethanedioic Acid Silica Gel
Aluminium Sulphate Formaldehyde Soda Ash Dense
Ammonium Chloride Formic Acid Soda Ash Light
Amidosulfonic Acid Glycerol Sodium Acetate
Ammonium Sulphate Hydrazine Sodium Bicarbonate
Aqua Fortis Hydrogen Peroxide Sodium Bisulfate
Baking Soda Hydroxybultanedioic Acid Sodium Carbonate Dense
Barium Chloride Limestone Sodium Carbonate Light
Boric Acid Magnesium Oxide Sodium Hexametaphosphate
Calcium Hypochlorite Monosodium Phosphate Sodium Hydrosulphite
Caliche Nitric Acid STPP
Chameleon Mineral Orthoboric Acid Sulfamic Acid
Citric Acid Orthophosphoric Acid Sylvite
Copper Sulfate Phosphoric Acid Talc Powder
Dextrose Monohydrate Potassium Carbonate Tartaric Acid
D-Glucose Potassium Chloride Tricarboxylic Acid
Diammonium Phosphate Potassium Dichromate Trisodium Phosphate
Disodium Sulfide Red Potassium Hydroxide See all products
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